Career Opportunities

Why I Chose EIA

EIA is committed to recruiting, retaining and motivating a highly-skilled, diverse and productive workforce. Hear from some of our newest employees (in their own words) about why they chose EIA!

"EIA is a fabulously well run organization providing critical information on the nation's energy needs, supply, and demand. The agency collects data from a plethora of surveys. I primarily concentrated on travel behavior data for nearly two decades and the opportunity to look beyond one sector and integrate data from various sources was very appealing to me. EIA offers exactly that opportunity to integrate and make statistical sense of critical information on energy demand and consumption by various sectors. It offers a unique opportunity for public service as the data is used by all parts of the government, private sector (including the Energy markets), and people from all walks of life."


"The future of the world lies at the crossroad of information and energy. In EIA we are doing more than just collecting data on energy—we are making sense of numbers and coming up with meaningful analyses and projections that are instrumental in informing energy-relevant policies and decisions we make as a society. The work we do at EIA helps to build a sustainable environment we live in today, but most importantly, it lays foundation for the future civilization. It is challenging and exciting to be part of these formative processes.


"As a public affairs specialist, I had always admired the work of EIA. While the mission of the organization was clearly focused on collecting, analyzing, and disseminating energy information, it seemed to me that there was also a strong communications effort that also played a valuable role in the success of the organization. I chose EIA because the agency plays an integral role in telling the dynamic story of the U.S. energy sector, and I wanted to be a part of the great team doing that good work. EIA is an exceptional organization with some of the brightest minds I've ever encountered in my professional career. I wake up every day excited to come to work, and I think that makes me pretty lucky."


"EIA is a great little haven for those who love statistical analysis and computer programming. I wanted to join a federal agency where I could use those skills to help direct public policy in an objective, timely manner. EIA is an agency where even new employees get to contribute to reports that are actually seen by the public. It is also the agency that has the pleasure of roiling the crude oil markets every Wednesday morning and the agency that might get a call when gas prices are skyrocketing but never when they're plummeting. But, most importantly, it's an agency that truly does invest in its employees. As someone new to energy markets, I've been given the opportunity to attend courses and trainings to get me up to speed and had the ability to meet people across the Department of Energy and in industry. It also doesn't hurt that EIA is filled with insanely smart, talented people who are willing to guide you in your career."


"I chose EIA because I wanted to apply my economic analysis training to energy markets, a dynamic field of continual importance in the global economy. I had regularly used EIA data and analysis for school projects years back, and had developed a respect for their unbiased and independent work, something that became crucial for me in deciding where to work. I enjoy having access to some of the brightest in the field and can take advantage of learning every day from a variety of experts. The work environment is wholesome and I believe I have continuous opportunities for growth."